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January 01, 2011



Jealousy breeds hatred. I don't see bloggers on the internet jumping up and down every time the Big-12 or Big East get beaten. It is always about attacking the SEC. I guess when you are on top that is the price you pay.


? I don't get the jealousy rant. Covering these games together, the common thread is that two state of Florida teams beat SEC teams. It's particularly relevant for UCF, because it's a big step for their program when they beat a team from a (the?) top conference.

If you want to read articles where SEC teams win, read our coverage of the Alabama, Mississippi State, Florida, and LSU bowl games, all of which we wrote about (we wrote summaries on every bowl game).

And looking back, we picked both Georgia and South Carolina to win. Not a very good way to "attack" a conference!

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