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January 05, 2011



This is a big bowl pick, especially since it is coming so late in the bowl season, its hard for me to forget last year:

2009 Independence Bowl: Prediction: Texas A&M 41 Georgia 37
Actual: Georgia 44 Texas A&M 20

Really want to pick A&M because the pick distribution is 78% LSU, 22% A&M and picking A&M with a high weighting would lock it up for me since most people are selecting LSU with a high weighting. You don't pick many upsets but A&M 2 years in a row... hmmmm


LOL i assure you i have no special affinity for A&M, that's just how the analysis came out. and i think i've picked a fair number recently, after only picking one from the first 10 or so bowls. Overall i'll probably have 8 or 9 upset picks, around 25% of the total.

It's always hard to pick against LSU with confidence, since they seem to have luck on their side a lot.


Good enough for me... Thanks for the response and keep up the great work.

LaJuan Magee

Wow! I really like your analysis. Do you do analysis for basketball, also? The Texas A&M vs LSU should be an exciting game. Thanks for your article.


Yes LaJuan when the football season ends I shift gears into basketball more. This season has been busy for football. I don't do this kind of in-depth analysis until the NCAA Tournament though.

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