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December 09, 2010



No upset picks through the first 4 bowls?!?!?


I don't know what to say Bert! The early bowls usually HAVE quite a few upsets, but finding the right ones to pick is hard. The lines look pretty good to me so far.


good, solid analysis. For me, upsets are usually driven by turnovers, special teams, and psychology.

Any particular special teams impact you can foresee in any of these first four games? Both So Miss and L'ville have excellent kickoff return stats, which should allow for each offense to have more aggressive play calling.

UTEP has a great kickoff returner as well...

keep up the great analysis please! -


thanks, Kmart. It's gratifying to see a national retail store taking an interest in college football.


louisville delivered the kickoff return for a td. that was the difference!


Sure did kmart! Special teams is hard to project...you can give a team a point or two in a projection, but in reality it's either 0 or 7. Louisville got the 7 and Southern Miss didn't.

The big scoring didn't happen either...they scored about what the computer models predicted.

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