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December 10, 2007


Mark Watson

Hey man, thanks for the Sanders stats... can't believe they are so hard to find... MW


Thanks Mark

As I said on another board, it's ridiculous that his HIGH SCHOOL stats are available on his own site, but not these! Bizarre.


What's more amazing is all those stats are based on the 11 game regular season. His incredible Holiday Bowl isn't figured into the record. I remember the media (ESPN) making a big deal about Kevin Smith last year approaching Barry's records. Smith played in 12 regular season games, a conference USA championship game and his bowl game stats were included for a total of 14 games. Had Barry played 14 games he would have cruised over 3,000 yards and 50 TDs!

Sander Barrys

Wait a minute Randal. You wrote "Had Barry played 14 games he would have cruised over 3,000 yards and 50 TDs!" Look at his numbers again. He seemed to get stronger as the season wore on. His best stretch is his last five games. I say he would have approached 3700 yards with three more games.


If they keep adding games to the mix the record will be beaten.
But I don't think his ave per game will, that will be tougher to do.


damn thanks man iv been tryin to find these stats for a long time.

totally off topic

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Barry rules

Counter Strike

yeah berry best


lol agree


Best single season performance I have ever seen in football...period.


my father-in-law, Dean Cramer, was a Big 8 referee in the 1980's and refereed 3 games in which Barry Sanders played, and I believe he rushed for 300 yards in all of them. Dean told me once that in the 3rd game Barry, as he was lining up right in front of him (Dean being a referee he stood right behind the tailback) he tapped him on his white cap and said "you're my lucky charm".

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